16 Top Bathroom Jack and Jill Ideas

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One of the best bathroom ideas to create an efficient space is by having Jack and Jill bathroom design. So, it is a kid-friendly bathroom for one or more kids at home. Well, the design can be challenging especially if you have kids with different genders. Keep in mind that the main key to create this bathroom layout is about how to make it functional for everyone.

The first thing to do is to work with the storage spaces. Make sure that the storage bathroom ideas can accommodate each of your kids. So, it is about how you can support each of your kids so they can find their personal space in this bathroom.

Next, it is about choosing the design. Since it is a shared space, make sure that you go with a neutral design. It does not mean that you have a big limitation on the themes or the approaches like patterns on the walls, accessories, accents, or something like stripes. When you are designing a shared space, it means that you need to make sure each kid has some input. For example, each of them can have their favorite soap dish. That is what you need to create a functional space for their bathroom ideas.

Move to the next essential part to consider, it is about the privacy of your kids. Since the bathroom is for multiple genders, of course, you should install a separate space such as an area for shower or toilet.

If you need more about Jack and Jill’s bathroom ideas, it does not a big deal. It is good to spend more time checking our galleries. We have a bunch of pictures in our gallery collection so you can learn the look of this bathroom layout. You can say that the bathroom is functional if it can support all users there. Hopefully, these images can help!

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