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Check this inspiring Studio Apartment Bedroom, Studio type apartment is the choice of most young couples and young executives because spacious room that fits and the price is more affordable.

Although the Studio has a relatively small type of room, with the proper use of corners and furniture, this apartment becomes a comfortable residence.

All furniture is used only that is important only, because if too much enter the existing furniture space becomes congested.

There is the use of glass walls so that the room looks more spacious, and certainly serves to reflect and dress up.

On the left side is made multi functional, where apartment owners can cook, watch television and there are angles to work. Very nice!

Nothing more exciting if you see your dwelling so neatly. The entire wall is not just empty, but the long wall is overhauled into 3 functions. The right side near the entrance made a minimalist kitchen set area, with storage racks at the top and bottom. Kitchen area marked with a small dining table with two chairs. Moving to the middle area put the television, and on the left corner is used as a working area.

All apartments are beautified and modified in white, brown and black. Simple, minimalist yet modern.

There is no need for a partition, because it only adds to the solid type of Studio room.

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