25 Rural Farmhouse Bathroom Design & Ideas

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Farmhouse bathroom is always inviting that now you can find a modern farmhouse style to complete an interior. When you consider having a farmhouse style for your bathroom, typically you can start with something like white walls with the splashes of red, green, blue, or yellow to complete your bathroom decor. But, for a more modern feel, you may go with some other colors such as olive greens, soft pinks, light grays, dusty blues, and mild tans for the backdrop colors to create an airy and open feel to your bathroom.

Next, you can complete this farmhouse bathroom design ideas by adding wood furniture. Make sure that you can keep the natural tone to the area by painting your wooden furniture in white. It is possible to show the antique look in your bathroom by painting your furniture in the gray wash or whitewash finish. On the other hand, if you want to create a contrast look, you can paint the wood in darker shades of blue, green, yellow, and red.

Once you have finished working with the colors and wooden furniture, you can move to the next bathroom design ideas, which is the lighting. It is good to explore more natural lights as much as you can. For example, you can use a skylight, throw out window dressings from the existing windows, and add a small window above the sink, or anything. Even better, you can work for adding more accents such as wood, brick, and stone to give more natural touch. If you use bathroom cabinets, be sure that you work with wooden cabinets with doors. Alternatively, you can use bathroom cabinets with open shelves. Finalize the look of your bathroom cabinets by painting them in white.

Those are all things about farmhouse bathroom design ideas. If you need more inspirations, it is great to check our galleries and find many pictures that spark your ideas.

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