30+Outdated DIY Victorian Lamp Shades Ideas for Decorating Bedroom

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One of the best lamp shades ideas you should add to your bedroom is Victorian style. Victorian is the ideal choice since it can go with different room styles. Why should Victorian? It is because the design offers fine details and sumptuous textures.

Well, there are many DIY lamp ideas when it comes to Victorian. It is a nice DIY project for a beginner because designing your lamp with this Victorian lampshade does not require special skills at all.

To start with the Victorian lampshade, you can think about the shapes. The classic shape of the lampshade is available with a small opening located at the top of it. Also, the lampshade is from the glass. Alternatively, you can make it from fabric with the domed-shape design. There are many lamp shades ideas to go with. But, the best way to choose the right design is by checking the base of your lamp so it has a good balance.

Next, you can decide the materials. Commonly, the lampshade is made of silk, lace, or velvet. But, you can make it more interesting by having a mix and match. The first thing to do is to sketch your lamp. Therefore, you will need crayons or colored pencils. Also, make sure that you prepare for extra fabric. You will use it to complete any panels that you want to gather or pleat. The victorian lampshade is also great to make even though you have no sewing skill. You can use a hot glue gun to start working on it.

After that, you should consider the colors. It is good to choose a soft and muted color, not bright. So, you should choose mauve, pink, lavender, sage, cream, blue, or lavender to complete the design. The most classic color choice is a deep mauve that you can combine it with cream. Here is more about lamp shades ideas to pick

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