40 Exquisite Diy Fall Lantern Swag Decor To Interior Design

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DIY fall decor helps you save your budget for fall. Fall is coming and one thing that you must do is to create a lantern swag. If you wonder about it, it is actually a lantern with nice floral arrangements on top of it. At this time, lantern swags are very popular. It is on-demand even though it is just the way to decorate lanterns.

When you are about creating a DIY lantern swag, it is important to decide about the colors to choose from. We recommend you to choose three colors. The colors would be great from the floral pick. After that, you need to use ornaments or other decorative pieces in the same three colors. For fall decor, you can choose red, yellow, and orange.

Once you have chosen the floral pick, it is good to go with the filler flowers. You will also need add-ins, picks, and ribbon that use the same three colors. Of course, this DIY project is quite easy even though it is the first experience for you to make it. Once you have the feel and the color coordinating, it is the right time to mix and match the colors.

The next thing to do to make fall interior design for lantern swag is working for the base. You should assemble all the materials including floral picks, add-ins, fillers, and the focal pieces you have prepared for the base of it. At this point, you can make it a little bit long so it can cover the entire of the lantern. Remember that is about creating a beautiful cascading effect. Also, you need to work in the opposite direction.

Surely, there are many ways to decor your home with our collection of fall interior designs. You can take a look at other ideas here in our galleries. For example, you can make a fall wreath, flag, or monogram.

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