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White wedding decoration ideas, what do you think about the theme? Surely, if your wedding decor is all in white, it will remind you of the winter wonderland wedding concept. So, it is not a bad option. You can make the wedding as a traditional or even modern. That is the first benefit you will get.

There are many things you can do with a white wedding. For example, it is possible for you to get married in a small barn. You can decorate it with rustic decoration here and there. Also, the best thing is to use lace details and lush blooms all in white. This is a great vintage wedding idea you can try. Alternatively, you can support white wedding decoration ideas with more contemporary. In this case, it is possible to celebrate your wedding party in a white loft. You can arrange modern furniture in white and other white things such as the wedding cake and the dance floor.

So, it is simple to go for wedding decoration ideas. Once you choose the color, you just have to choose the right theme. After that, you can continue by finding the details to bring it to reality. Still, there is a big challenge to deal with. If you want to have an all-white wedding plan, you should avoid one thing: a flat wedding. Can you handle the monotonous white almost everywhere? The furniture is white, the wedding cake is white, your wedding gown is white, and everything!

The best answer to deal with this challenge is about playing with the texture. You can make your white wedding decoration ideas is more fun by playing with pillow accents, like velvet upholstery for the winter months. Other than that, you can make something playful such as white pinwheels or streamers. Linens with sequins and layered fabrics are great too.

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