45+ Awesome Industrial Library Everyone Should Keep

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WHAT: Did you know that the book publishing industry in the US uses 16 million tons of paper every year? They estimate that about 20 trees yield one ton of paper – that means the industry consumes 32 million trees per year! And that doesn’t include the magazine and newspaper industry! So instead of buying books, CDs, DVDs and even magazines that you barely use, or use only once, check materials in your neighborhood library.

If you haven’t been to your local library, you’re missing out on a lot. Most libraries today have, in addition to lots and lots of books, extensive video and music collections as well. Many libraries have their catalogs on the internet and you can pick out books and request them on-line!

WHY: Libraries are great because you can get books without spending so much and you reduce the demand for cutting down trees to make books. In libraries, you can also choose from a wide selection of magazines, newspapers, videos, and audio books.

To further green your trip to the library, take public transportation. Or, you can even stay home and download the library’s e-books or audio books for free! Aside from being able to save money, by opting to go to the library you help save energy from the production of books, eliminate pollution and save fuel caused by shipping books and more!

• Check your telephone book to find your local library.
• Get a free library card at your local library. While you’re at it, get a library card for your children as well.
• Ask for a library tour! Familiarize yourself with the book sections so the next time you go back, you know where to find what you want to read.
• Ask for book recommendations from the librarian. They’d be happy to help.
• Ask about activities such as author discussions and story times. Find time to attend some of these events.
• Check the library’s valuable resources — books on tape or CDs, Internet access, movies and educational DVDs, games, homework help, and more.
• Ask about summer reading programs. This is a fun way to keep kids reading through the summer!

TIP: Check if your local library sells used/donated books or magazines. You might be surprised at what treasures you’ll find!

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