46 Conventional Cape Cod House Exterior Ideas

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If we talk about house exterior, do you know Cape Cod Homes? The design is so enchanting because this home design is similar to the beachy style. It is still popular in these days. It is so unique that will make you wonder when you see it.

The history of this home especially for the house exterior begins from the Puritan settlers. They came with the idea of an English cottage. The house is so unique because the design is symmetrical. It has a big and open living room; we can call it a hall. Of course, the function of the steep roofs is there to reduce the weight of the snow on the roof. This type of house also has low ceilings. The function is to conserve heat.

Surely, there are many house ideas when we talk about Cape Cod. You can find the modern Cape Cods design that is so popular until now. It was Royal Barry Willis, a Boston Architect who reintroduced the concept as a contemporary house design. He used the basic exterior elements but he then adapted the interior design for a modern touch.

There are many options available from the half cape, the three-quarter cape, and the full cape. The half cape has a front door and two glass windows. Most people call it a single Cape.
Meanwhile, the three-quarter cape is a home with a front door and two windows in multi-paned design. Also, there is a full cape that is popular as a double cape. Even though it is so common today but this style becomes rare for the settlers. It is a sign of a rich family because the design comes with the central front door, steep roof, and massive chimney.

Even though there are many types of cape codes, there are some features that make this building looks iconic such as the symmetrical design and the steep roofs. Other than that, it has shingle siding, gabled dormers, and centralized chimneys.

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