50 Phenomenal Modern Bedroom Ceiling Designs 2018

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The modern bedroom ceiling is essential that will impact the look of your space. Most of us do not aware of it. Sometimes we neglect the presence of the ceiling so we just let it go with the usual look. In fact, if you know how to decorate the ceiling, it will create a new dimension to your space. It gives an elegant touch to your bedroom, too.

There are many things you can do when it comes to bedroom ceiling designs such as using texture paints, gypsum board, glass, mirror, and others. The fact is you should prepare everything accordingly before designing the ceiling. Make sure that the ceiling decor will not dominate the bedroom interior. Also, it is good to make the ceiling design looks cohesive with the entire decor in your bedroom space.

You can complete your modern bedroom with U-shaped, oval, circular, or L-shaped recessed ceiling designs. Even you can try for other patterns by using POP and then add lighting fixtures there. Also, you can highlight the wall by adding recessed in the center of the room ceiling. Alternatively, it is possible to add whimsical lighting in the recessed area together with spotlighting features that can illuminate the family photographs on the wall. Even better, you can use the hanging pendant light at a corner of your room to create a reading corner.

Next, you can try the wooden ceiling. This is good for modern bedroom to give more texture and color. It also adds a natural touch to your room. You can install a wooden ceiling in the form of panels or tiles. To do so, combine it with materials like tin, POP, and glass. Make your bedroom ceiling looks fanciful and rich by adding lighting fixtures at the center of the room. If you need more ideas, you can check out our galleries.

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