60+ Plain and Beautiful Front Yard Pathways Landscaping Ideas

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Front yard landscaping is more than just to add stepping choice to your garden. It is all about how to make the space more valuable to be part of your home, too. When it comes to the pathway for your front yard, the best option is to always keep it natural. For example, you can make it from big unhoned stones. This is a great way to create a natural touch that makes your front yard has a forest-inspired setting.

Even better, you can create a nice pathway for your side yard. It is one of the most beautiful landscaping ideas to try. To start, you are about adding a flagstone path that will connect the front to the back yard. Here, you will plant for cypress trees. The best way to avoid the pathway feels too narrow is by adding a staggered pattern for the stones of the pathway.

Alternatively, it is good to make flagstone pavers. Make it gorgeous by adding Irish moss that can fill the gaps between the pavers. Decorate the pathway with a long line of alyssum twist. Other than that, you can try something better such as subtle curves. It is about having bluestone steppers on the top of the bed of stone. This is a nice idea for your front yard landscaping design because the curves drive curiosity about things to find around the corner.

What about having a wood walkway? You can make it from Jarrah timber that is one of the types of eucalyptus. Just lay it over the bed of river stones to add more natural touch. You can create a flagstone pathway for your front yard landscaping plan. After that, support it with a matching wall. This is good to give a colorful touch to your front garden. It is an elegant pathway with a formal design. It looks more inviting if you add a set of arbors. After that, you can cover it in jasmine and clematis and then surround it with hostas, ferns, and hydrangeas.

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