70 Marvelous Front Yard Rock Garden Landscaping Ideas

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Why should you have a rock front yard garden? There are some reasons why it is a great addition to your front yard. First, the rock garden is the ultimate solution to bring a natural feel to your outdoor space. It also looks beautiful to any style of the yard. It is a nice addition to homes with a difficult growing environment, as well. It adds texture, colors, and designs to your home, too.

Next, it is good to complete your garden landscaping ideas with the common rock plants. These plants can grow on the high mountains; they even can deal with harsh conditions such as drought, high winds, and intense sun. Therefore, it is good to try for a little experiment. You can start by adding wildflowers in different colors. After that, you can combine them with groundcovers and mounded plants. There are various shrubs that will provide different interests, too.

Also, who says that you will need a naturally rocky site just to build a rock front yard garden? You can create it first. There are many homeowners create a wall of stone as the foundation and the border for many alpine classics like Dianthus or Phlox Subulata so the plants will grow and fill the crevices between the stones.

The key point to make your rock garden looks more beautiful is on how you can play various textures, rocks, and plants. The combinations of shrubs, conifers, as well as perennials, are the beautiful thing that will make your front yard garden looks lush and colorful. It is because you add different foliage and blooms there. Even better, you can create a dramatic view by adding Mexican pebbles, or boulders in a creek bed.

Even better, a rock garden can be the best solution to transform the sloping front yard. It will steal people’s attention because of the boulders and garden plants. You can transform the dull corner to become an eye-catching area because of pines, creeping cedar, ornamental grasses, and others.

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