70 Marvelous Small Fireplace Makeover Decoration Ideas

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A small fireplace is more than just a decorative touch to your house. But, it is also the best thing to curl up around when the winter comes. Of course, you need a beautiful, and contemporary fireplace that can throw off enough heat. Also, you want to add the right material to surround it.

You can transform your old fireplace makeover with something more modern such as steel. It is one of the biggest trends when it comes to the materials. Steel offers various finishes so it can go with many interior styles. A fireplace made of steel is good to offer an industrial and modern design.

Next, you can choose a wooden fireplace. Well, this is a less obvious option. It is because you are burning wood. So, if you want to build it with wood as the accent, it is fine as long as the body of the fireplace is in good construction. Also, you should check your local building regulation whether it is okay or not to have a fireplace with wood materials.

You can build a small fireplace with concrete to surround it. Concrete offers natural touch and clean lines. Therefore, it is a great option to complete a contemporary interior design. Besides, concrete can heat up space. For this reason, it is the ideal material for a fireplace. Even better, there are many options available for the textures and the colors to create a unique fireplace design to complete your living space.

the small fireplace made of stones is also available. It gives a rustic touch to your modern living space. Also, stones add texture while heating up with the fire. So, it can radiate the heat and warm up your living interior faster and longer. There are many ways and styles to use stones for your fireplace decor.

The last material to pick is brick to create a more traditional feel. It is also good to use brick for a modern living space. Brick is an instant way to give a stylish and warm feel. Even there are many sizes and colors with various patterns

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