80 Beautiful Grey Green Living Rooms Design Ideas

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The green and grey living room is a perfect match to spice up your space. If you wonder why should green and grey, the answer is simple. It is because green is so refreshing, calm, and inspiring. Even better, there are many colors of green that you can pair it with other colors, including grey. Grey is timeless even though it is not a color but it is a hip of black and white.

Grey living room design ideas help you create stylish and formal space by adding various colors of greens to give a big difference. Grey is also a tricky color that you can add the right amount to create a jaw-dropping look.

The combination of green and grey for living room design ideas also looks perfect when you apply it for a traditional style. For example, you can use moss green for the wall and grey for the furniture. Other than that, the living room design with green and grey is possible for a contemporary design. It makes your space looks casual with the subtle green that looks in contrast with the grey walls, carpet, and sofa.

The paints on the living room walls and the ceiling are the right way to lighten up the room. So, it sounds good to choose a light gray for those parts. In this case, you can make space looks elegant by adding a gray seating area, but with the dark brown wooden legs. The wood is the perfect choice to add an extra natural touch to your living room design ideas.

Well, there are many ideas about this combination. You can check out our galleries here. We have collected many pictures of the living room design in green and grey. Surely, these colors look beautiful. The key point is on how to balance the use of each color from the furniture and other decorative pieces.

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