85 Luxury Cool Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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What can you do if you have a small bedroom and you want to create a luxury feel? Well, small bedroom ideas can help. The reality is it is not easy to work with a small bedroom but we do not say it is impossible to transform a new look. You can start from the ceiling if we talk about how to create a statement in your small space. For example, you can use polka dots to decorate the ceiling. This is good especially if your bedroom has a sloped ceiling.

What if it is impossible to add a nightstand there? Well, it does not a matter. You can still make something sounds like a nightstand in a different way. For example, measure the available space available next to your bed. If it can support a small nook, it is good to save the space and create a hanging nightstand for your needs.

Alternatively, you can try more bedroom decorating ideas. If you think that a hanging nightstand is not your perfect choice, it is okay. You can go around finding an end table that can fit the small space. It will waste your time to find a small nightstand. You can do something better by finding an old table. You can take a saw and cut the table into two. Then use half of the table and install it against the wall near your bed. Now, you have a bedside table, right?

If the bedroom is for the teens, it is good to decorate it with mounting lights. It will illuminate the bed and of course, it is one of the coolest small bedroom ideas. It makes the bed is more inviting because the lamps on the walls really work. Other than that, you can try something more such as adding a Murphy bed that will free up the floor space in an instant way.

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