9+ Smart Outdoor Planter Boxes Ideas For The Backyard

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Creating a beautiful backyard can be done through outdoor planter boxes idea. It is a set of box that can use to put several flowers and plants. When it is put in the backyard or garden, it can bring a unique beautiful view. Therefore, some peoples create several DIY planter boxes according to their own design.

There are many type of planter boxes. The idea is making spaces for several plants to put together. Another thing is to make sure that plant can be ease to organize through it. Therefore, the garden can look more pretty.

If plan to apply this idea but have no inspiration, try to look at below pictures. There are several outdoor planter boxes ideas that interesting to try. Not only look nice, it also easy to perform.

Try to create the above hexagonal planter boxes. Use some recycle wooden pallet. Repaint and make it hexagonal. This idea is not only unique, but simple and bring a final beautiful result.

To do vertical garden is another idea to try. It can optimize limited space. Furthermore, it is now trendy. Therefore, try to apply this idea in your backyard. Make sure to choose the colorful flower for final cheerful looks.

Another idea is to use the backyard wall as a place to put the plants. This innovative way is minimalist but also look pretty. Therefore, it is a really worth effort to try. Not only creative, it also look neat and clean.

The idea of making tier planter boxes also a good choice. This is a DIY planter boxes which can save spaces but create wonderful final looks. Not only easy, but it is low budget too. Try to make remodel the broken stairs into this boxes.

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