95 Smart Organizing Ideas Bathroom Storage Cabinet

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The bathroom storage cabinet is one of the essential elements to complete your bathroom. So, it is crucial to make sure that you are choosing the right storage cabinets for space. There are many ways to do to make the cabinets become part of the bathroom design.

For example, if you have a formal bathroom without any fuss, where sinks and mirrors look elegant there, how do you choose the cabinet? Since it is more than just bathroom storage, we suggest you choose cabinets with exposed legs so it gives a freestanding touch. Also, you can add a central storage unit that can separate the sink areas with the presence of cabinets and drawers to hold hair dryers, hand towels, and others.

Other than that, if you have a simple minimalist bathroom, we recommend you to have a tiled vinyl bathroom storage cabinet. It looks perfect for the wall of the window. The best way to do is to create a floating look for the cabinets above the floor. It looks modern because it creates a gravity-defying cabinet, so it will be the focal point in your bathroom.

What if you want to create a traditional bathroom? It means that you should make the bathroom storage cabinet looks more relaxed. The best way to do is to choose cabinets with crown molding. Also, consider tall cabinets with raised-panel doors. Make it less formal by arranging the drawers and the doors in the center. Alternatively, you can paint the entire unit to create a traditional bathroom design.

Last but not least is about working with a small bathroom. If it goes with white, then you should combine it with a dark-colored cabinet. For example, you can let the wall and other fixtures in your bathroom in white. Meanwhile, the cabinets are dark brown. This is a good way to break the monotonous feel, so there is a contrasting touch.

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