Cool 21 Brilliant Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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If we talk about a small bathroom, it sounds almost impossible to add bathroom storage. According to a survey in America, an average person needs to use nine to 15 care products for their daily life. It is also including about the bottles, and tubs such as towels, and other cleaning items. Therefore, if you share the bathroom with other family members, there are many things to store there.

For this reason, it is no wonder that a small bathroom feels full of clutter. Of course, it will never make you feel relaxed but stressful. Fortunately, it is possible to make your bathroom looks neat. We are happy because there are many designers show their innovation by providing some small bathroom ideas.

The first thing to do is a trolley with wheels. It is good to have a storage trolley with a tier for your small bathroom. If it is almost impossible to add cabinets or shelves there, the wheeled trolley helps you store your bathroom equipment. You can try this one of excellent bathroom ideas to store your skincare or makeup products because there are some tiers there. Once you want to use the bathroom for applying makeup or for washing, you can pull it over to your shower or sink. Once you are done, you can keep it out.

Other than that, you can use the dead space. Well, sometimes we do not aware of it. We neglect it, especially for the downstairs bathroom. It is great to use the space located above the loo. This is one of the brilliant bathroom ideas so you can install a few shelves. You can use it as the ideal place for toilet rolls, towels, and other cleaning products. It does not a big deal if you cannot use the drill for drilling the wall. Still, you can use the standalone units. You can check our galleries to find more inspirations, too!

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